Saturday, July 26, 2008

One Year of Vegan Cooking

I've decided on a course of action to shake off this phoney vegan thing I have going on. I am going to make at least one recipe from every day. I'll share the recipe here, whether the meal was tasty, worth the effort, how much effort is involved and how many pots and pans there are to clean. During the rest of the summer expect hummus, tabouli, and hopefully someday soon lots of tomato meals. Someday soon those green tomatoes should turn red, at least in theory they should.

So if you have a favorite recipe from let me know about it. I'm a pretty lazy cook, I don't like a lot of hassle, not many ingrediants, fast and filling.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Me Vegan?

Ok, does the world need another vegan blog - it probably will go on nicely without one. But I need help and I thought this blog might be the best way to get it. You see, I am a fake vegan. Yep, not the true vegan I pretend to be.

A few months ago I quit smoking after a lifetime of abusing my lungs. Actually I quit cold turkey, which was a kind of hell I wouldn't wish on anyone. So like all good ex-smokers I started to eat. The problem is, I'm a vegan, well, I was a vegan. I didn't eat any animal products for years. No eggs, no dairy, no meat, and no I do not wear leather.

I went on a sugar binge. I chose the worst, nastiest, most artery clogging foods I could find. Boxes of cookies, hostess pies, little debbie cakes, Reese's peanut butter cups by the truckload. A veritable junk food junkie. It didn't phase me that most of the stuff contained eggs and dairy products. Heck, those are probably the only ingredients that I could pronounce. The "food" I ate was a chemists dream.

And just to get this out in the open I never ate anything with meat, chicken or pork.

Needless to say, I've gained some weight. Ok, lots of weight. I'm surprised that I haven't been struck dead of a heart attack considering the disgusting amounts of trans fat I consumed. But I'm still here and I'm committed to going back to being a full time vegan. That's where you come in. I'm hoping that you will help me. Lend me support, beat me up when I fall for a hostess apple pie and share great recipes. If you are a newbie vegan or wannabe a vegan or just thinking about how you eat, join in and we'll go on this journey together.

My first question is: do you have a good vegan recipe that mimics a junk food favorite like hostess apple pies or little debbie nutty buddies?